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Lower Back Pain in Pregnancy ,Causes and ease solution
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Low back pain during pregnancy

Low back pain during pregnancy




Low back pain during pregnancy

Getting pregnant is very desired and cherished dream of every woman. But pregnancy is not very easy and simple. It is a long term process and there are many uncertain moments in pregnancy. There is also some discomfort during pregnancy. Low back pain is very common and irritating, occurred in pregnant women. It can be experienced at any moment during pregnancy period. The degree of intensity of this may vary from person to person and causes of the pain. Though it commonly occurs later after pregnancy as your weight gain with time and pain also may increase due to weight. It may interfere with your daily routine or disturb your sound and timely sleeping.


It usually starts at the second half of the pregnancy. But don’t worry, not only you, but also about 90% of the women have to suffer from this. It is very natural to all pregnant women. There is a great chance of those women who are more active in physical working like a job. The person with occupation in most active performing job is likely to be more chance to get lower back pain. A combination of mechanical, hormonal, circulatory, and psychosocial factors is also responsible for Back pain

Causes of Back pain

When your nice baby grows up within you, the lower spine turned inwards to support your baby‘s weight. At the same time your breast enlarged and your top spine slightly curved to support breast enlargement. Such temporary alteration of your spine causes a low and top back pain.

In preparation for the birthing process of your baby, your body secretes a hormone named ”Relaxin” which soften your body ,joints, ligaments and tissues  for moving of your body parts more  easily. But weight of you with your baby is quite more than normal to you. Your soft body experienced pain in carrying out that weight. The weight of your growing baby and uterus also puts pressure to your blood vessels and nerves of your pelvis and back which caused back pain.

Women with previous chronic pain or lumbar ache are more likely to be experienced by low back pain than the normal women are. Even this pain felt twice and more long lasting than the normal women. The previous pain has chance by 85% to feel pain at the subsequent pregnancy.

As your baby and uterus grow the center of gravity also moves forward, this causes your posture to change. You have to change this for you and your baby’s comfort.The posture what was not normal for you can create pressure on your muscles and get back pain.

 lower back pain Patterns  in pregnancy


There are two common patterns of low back pain experienced during pregnancy, according to the experts. There are lumbar pain and posterior pelvic pain. The lumbar pain experienced in the lumbar vertebrae area in the lower back and pelvic pain experienced in the back of pelvis area. Some women may feel both types of pains; similarly some are felt only any of them.

Lumbar pain is the pain that you may be feeling as before pregnancy. It is mainly felt approximately at the level of the waist and over the area, around your spine. It may also radiate to leg and felt pain in leg. It may be acute with sitting or standing in a place for a long time, lifting heavy weight and it is more intense day by day at the end of your delivery date.

Almost every pregnant woman has to suffer from the posterior pelvic pain. It occurs at a lower level than the lumbar pain occurs in your body. It may also occur deep inside the buttock, any side of the back of the thighs. Pain may be acute when lifting, climbing stairs, rolling over bed, sitting on lower chair, using tub etc. Women having back pain in the previous are more likely to be posterior pelvic pain over their pelvic bone. The desk performing job women feel this pain more than the other women.

    How to ease lower back pain in pregnancy


Try to utilize your body more proficiently. Remain straight and also tall, making your own chin is just not tilting up wards. Stay away from same position for long time in one placement. If the career consists of position for long periods try to stand up by one foot or any other by which you feel comfort, take a seat when you are able, must go outside in lunch time to get fresh air and for mind also.

Make use of a perfect amount of cushions in bed for assistance, trying to keep your own upper thighs parallel. This inhibits your leg through rotating across your body to the healing placement while you rest. To get out from your bed, get up in one side and wait until you feel comfort and then slowly stand up.


In case of heavy shopping, try to shop online, or request a friend to assist you. When you get a baby don’t try to put it with one hip if you feel strain in lower back.


Look for assistant for housework and get some sort of associate that can help in case of any duties at the job strain your back. Have on comfortable shoes or boots having broad supporting heels and straps in order to avoid you from feet slipping and ankle twisting.


Have on the suitable size supportive maternal bra. Try to make the straps wide enough and give attention on cups must big for avoiding extra pressure on your shoulder and rib cage.


At work, and when driving, think about a lumbar support to your chair. Try not to cross your legs, and also make certain the position of your computer screen and chair can be appropriate in level. Try to move away from your own workplace regularly and get outdoors from lunchtime for fresh air. Avoid sleeping on your back. It is strictly prohibited.


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