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Health benefits of raw and manuka honey for skin and other uses
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Health benefits of honey you may not know

Health benefits of honey you may not know

The Essential health benefits of Honey

Honey is a sweet food item that is produced by bees. Bees use nectar from flowers to produce honey. They perform regurgitation and evaporation process to transfer the nectar into honey. Primarily, bees store honey as a primary food source inside the beehive.

According to a static, almost every American consumes 1.5 pounds of honey in a year. This is really an impressive figure which shows the popularity of honey. It is a useful food item that can be consumed all month long. There are different types of honey available in the world and more than 300 types of honey are found in the United States.

History of honey

Honey has lots of health benefits, so that it has been consumed by the people for thousands of years. Over four thousand years ago, it was taken as an Ayurvedic medicine. That time honey was considered as the medicine, which treat the material imbalance in the body. It was also used as medicine for wounds in the period of pre-Ancient Egyptian. More than five millennia ago, the Egyptian used honey as medicinal compounds. The ancient Greeks believed that honey can make a man live longer. Even the great man, Prophet Mohammed (SM) also highly praised about the healing power of honey.

What is Raw Honey?

There are different types of honey available in the world. When we are going to discuss about the honey, Raw Honey comes first into the account. The honey, which is not processed, pasteurizes or heated is called raw honey. It is the most preferred, because it preserves natural vitamins, mineral, powerful antioxidants, enzymes and other important natural nutrients.

Benefits of Raw Honey

The benefits of raw honey cannot be described in a word. It is full of anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties. It is a powerful antioxidant ingredient that strengthens immune system, improve body and digestive health. Raw honey works better to remedy all kinds of skin wounds and infections, and eliminates allergies. That’s not all about the benefits of raw honey. It can stabilize blood pressure; relieve pain, balance sugar levels and calm nerves. It has been used as the treatment of ulcers since hundred years ago. Raw honey is anti-inflammatory and an expectorant, which effectively treat bronchitis and asthma.

Health benefits of honey

Honey has been used for treating all forms of ailments. It is effective in healing wounds, rashes. It can also be used internally to treat infections and other health issues. Although, honey has numerous health benefits, the following are some common and popular remedies for everyone.

·         Raw honey is best for the burn, rash and abrasion affected area. It heals the acne completely. A small amount of raw honey can clear the skin within a short period. It makes your skin soft and clean. Using honey in the face give sparkling impact. Raw honey coats the throat and treats colds and sore throats. Taking little honey daily basis can prevent from allergies.

·         Manuka Honey is a strong anti-bacterial food item. It is effective in treating colds, acne, stomach ulcers, indigestion and sore throats.

·         Acacia Honey can reduce inflammation in the respiratory system. It is good for cleaning liver, promoting intestinal health.

·         Buckwheat Honey has strong antioxidant properties that are excellent in the tasting. Though, it is very rare in the United States, but the alternative Red Gum Honey is also a strong antioxidant.

·         Eucalyptus Honey works better to prevent headaches and colds.

·         Heather Honey contains lots of high level protein and it is used as medicinal properties since the ancient times.

·         Linden Honey is used for treating coughs, colds, bronchitis, insomnia and anxiety. It is a well-known antiseptic and sedative property.

·         Neem Honey is preferred as Ayurveda medicinal properties. It is used for treating high blood pressure, skin condition, throat infections, allergies and diabetes.

The best uses of honey

·         Drink Honey with Tea

Even a single drop of honey is good for sore throat. So, drop honey in the tea to treat any kind of cold diseases. You can also add them to other drinks as energy booster.

·         Use Honey as facial

Honey contains antimicrobial properties that give your skin a lovely appeal. Mix a little amount of honey with two tablespoons of warm water, and then massage them into your skin. You can also try out cucumber, honey facial for your face skin.

·         Take honey before going to work

Honey works as an energy booster. It has been proved as a booster for the athletics. So, take a tablespoon of honey before going to the next workout.

·         Honey removes parasites

If you are carrying the parasite into your hair, then you can use honey to remove them. Prepare a mixture of honey, vinegar and water and apply it, surely you will be parasite free.

·         Clean the scratched and wounded area with honey

Honey is an effective antiseptic that can be used in the torn or wounded area. It works as a natural Neosporin. As it contains many antimicrobial properties, it can treat wounds and burns effectively. Natural honey perform better than artificial in this regard.

·         Honey can soften your skin

Honey can make your skin softer as it is an excellent exfoliant. Take a pair of ground almonds and lemon juice and make killer homemade facial scrub for better skin.

·         Honey makes your hair more beautiful

You can use honey for making them more shiny and silky. After washing your hair coat them with a bit of honey. You can also make them shinier by adding one quarter of water with one teaspoon honey and pouring it over the head. When the coat becomes dry, your hair will be shiny.

·         Honey is used to preserve fruit

Honey can be used for preserving fruits. One part of honey and ten parts of water to cover fruit can preserve them for more days in the summer.

·         Use honey as part of weight loss program

Honey can be used as the substitution of sugar. It’s also speed up the metabolic system. If you are thinking about weight loss, you can try using honey for weight loss plan.

How to store honey?

Storing honey is an important topic to learn. Honey can be stored in normal home temperature. You can keep them in the kitchen or pantry shelf for storing. Honey can also be stored in the refrigerator. Keeping honey in the refrigerator crystallizes them. Crystallization prevents them from impurity and spoilage and preserves the quality well.

When the honey is crystallized, place the honey jar in warm water and stir them until the crystal dissolve properly. You can also place the honey jar near a boiling water jar, which has been just after removed from the heat. The storing instruction is given below.

1.    At first bring a pan, pour water into that and boil

2.    When the water is boiling, turn off the heat.

3.    Now place the honey jar in the boiled water pan (keep the cap open)

4.    Leave them until they become cooled.

5.    You may have to repeat if needed.

The essential health benefits of honey cannot be described in brief. It has numerous health benefits that’s why people, doctors and physicians have been using this for long days. If you are health conscious, you can take honey on daily basis as it will prevent you from various diseases.

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