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Health benefits of pineapple,You should know
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Health benefits of Pineapple you should know

Health benefits of Pineapple you should know

Health benefits of pineapples are important queries for the nutrition seekers. It is financially one of the most significant fruits with the considerable  amount of health benefits. Belonging to Bromeliacae family, this tropical fruit comes with coalesced berries and usually harvested from crown cutting of the mother pineapple plant. Pineapple is a midterm plant that does not harvest feast.  It is available around the year in the markets.

Health benefits of pineapple Though usually referred to a fruit,      pineapple is a composition of  several  flowers. Their fruitlets are  joined in the  core of the pineapple  and the fruitlets are  called eyes. It  is usually found in three  different  colors such as, yellow, brown  and  green.


Pineapple is a multipurpose food  with  versatile usage and benefits  of eating  pineapple are much  more than other  fruits. Its usage  isn’t limited only to fruit,  rather  found in many cuisines around the  world. Though most popular as a  fresh  fruit consumed in ripen  form, jams and  jellies are also  commercially produced  from pineapple. Nevertheless, due to its hyper chemical activity, it easily reacts with some foods like milk which might cause serious health hazard. So, before you consume pineapple, make sure that you haven’t or are not going to consume any other food that might cause such hazards.

Due to instant health benefit of pineapple, charming flavors, deliciousness, juicy appearance and availability, pineapples are found everywhere either in processed or natural form. Since pineapples can be eaten instantly just after removing the buckle anywhere and anytime, roadside shops in many countries sell pineapples in half or full size. Pineapples are found in fruit, desert, fruit salad, dishes, pizza topping, etc. Fruit cocktails, juices with pineapple flavor and beverages are also commercially manufactured.

Health benefits of pineappleFor enormous health benefits of pineapple,   it can directly be taken as a medicine. Its root and the stem fight against the inflammation. This fruit is especially useful for treating some feminine disorders such as inducing  abortion and menstruation. The bromelain has effected in fighting cancer and colonic inflammation. Eating pineapple for health benefits will significantly prove useful in different dimensions.


Pineapple benefits as Nutrition house

Unprocessed raw pineapple taste slightly sour and contains a huge amount of vitamin C and manganese. Pineapple is also a great source of proteolytic enzyme and bromelain, found in the stem, which helps the human digestive system break down the protein. A fresh 1 cup (165 grams) pineapple juice contains 83 calories. There are 105.1% vitamin C, 7% pantothenic acid, 10.8% vitamin B1, 10.5% vitamin B6, 20% copper, 76%% manganese, 9.2% fiber and 7.4% folate.

Pineapple benefits as Antioxidant

Antioxidants are immensely important to keep the immune system strong enough to prevent outside invasion. They produce enough force to battle free radicals which are responsible for damaging healthy cells. Asides this, antioxidants provide safety from atherosclerosis, arthritis, heartaches and cancers. Pineapple is a great source of natural antioxidants and regular healthy amount of intake of pineapple will provide you guards from several hazardous diseases.

Pineapple Act against Cold

Colds and flues usually occurred by viral and bacterial attacks. The attack is easier when there exists any early infections in the body. Pineapples are full of vitamin C that has effective striking force against virus and bacteria. As a result, it can prevent any cold or flu as well as help to cure viral and bacterial flue at the same time.

Pineapple Against Morning Sickness

Morning sickness and nausea are common prognoses among many weak people and pregnant mothers. Pineapple brings physical and mental strength and remove nausea.

Pineapple for Better Digestion

The enzyme bromelian plays master role in helping the digestion system run smoother. It helps the digestive process by softening the foods in the stomach. Bromelian also works to prevent cancer in the stomach.

Pineapple for Better Teeth

Vitamin C are essentials for healthy teeth and pineapples are the warehouses of vitamin C. It helps to prevent plaques and gum diseases in the mouth.

Pineapple for controlling Bloating

People who are suffering from bloating in stomach are advised to take 3 cups of pure pineapple juice three times a day. A dose of 150 cc of pineapple juice 30 minutes before the regular meal will heal this disorder.

Pineapple for Bones

Pineapple is full of manganese and manganese is an important element of bones. As a result, regular intake of pineapple will provide sufficient amount of manganese and thus strengthen bone. A cup that is 165 grams of pineapple provides 73% of the total requirements of manganese per day.

Pineapple for Cute Hair

Consumption of pineapple for hair and skin benefits are well known. Pineapple is full of vitamin B1, B2, B3, B5, B6 and C which are doubtlessly effective to maintain the health of the hair.

Pineapple for Eye Vision

Adult people often suffer from macular degeneration, a gradual degradation of vision. It is usually caused by damage in the retina. Pineapple contains beta carotene, which is beneficial to the health of the sights. People who eat pineapple in a regular basis are 36 percent less likely to suffer from macular degeneration. A current research conducted over 110000 people found that regular intakes of vegetables with higher amount of vitamins and antioxidants are not as much effective as the fruits.

Pineapple for Reduction of Bleeding

Pineapple is full of anti-coagulant. It makes pineapple effective to fight against blood clots. Patients suffering from bleeding disorders can get rid by consuming pineapples regularly.

Pineapple Prevents Throat

Mucous accumulation in throat can be prevented by consuming pineapples in a daily basis. Pineapples clear the lungs with the vitamin C during productive cough.

Pineapple A source of Energy

Pineapples provide vitamin B1 and B6 and also copper. These ingredients jointly work for producing more energy and preventing starches and sugar breakdown in blood and digestive system. The copper works to smoothen the synthesis of red blood cell. The potassium controls the heart rate and also blood pressure.

Pineapple to control Sinusitis,Swelling and Bronchitis

Pineapple, with its help of bromelain, helps to heal sore throat, swelling, sinusitis and gout.Pineapple helps preventing inflammation in bronchial tubes and thus prevent bronchitis.

Choosing the Best Pineapple

While selecting a pineapple, it is recommended that the heavier one should be chosen. A pineapple free of bruises, darkened eyes and soft spotsis the best choice. A healthy pineapple can be selected by the flavor it spreads around. Healthy pineapple will smell sweat whereas musty or fermented smell indicated that the pineapple isn’t healthy enough.
It is important to mention that, fruits that are at the peak of ripe has the maximum amount of antioxidant. So, those who need additional amount of antioxidants may take these benefits of pineapple.

Healthy Recipe with Pineapple

Though pineapple is full of healthy ingredients and there are a lots of health benefits of pineapple, preparing dishes with proper recipe and combination will increase the nutritional value substantially. Before approaching the cooking, at first the crown and the fruit-base has to be removed. For convenience, pineapple can be cut into two or four pieces and the core can be removed if needed. Later, these pieces can be sliced more and more. Later, the rind has to be removed. Once the rind is gone, the pineapple is properly read to be shaped.

Caution: Must Read

If you are a pregnant mom, you are advised not to consume young pineapples. Because some researches revealed that young pineapples may cause harm to womb. Though the ripen pineapple contains antioxidant at highest level, it also contains maximum amount of sugar that may lift up the diabetics. Some studies say that though pineapple fights against arthritis, it also sometimes leads to arthritis and intensify the rheumatism. It is caused by the fermentation ,which turns into alcohol. People those who consume pineapple excessively reported that additional intake of pineapple may cause headache. Allergenic attack isn’t that much common with pineapple. Nevertheless, few people still report that they suffer from allergy after consuming pineapple. Symptoms like red and sore skin are common in this regard. To avoid allergy, the pineapples should be put into salt water.


Health benefits of Pineapple Pineapple can be enjoyed  with fruit salad while  mixed with other tropical  fruits like mango, papaya  and kiwi. As a  supplementary dish to   chicken, pineapple pieces  are excellent. Fishes such  as tuna, salmon and  halibut becomes delicious  while served with chili peppers and diced pineapples.
Pineapples hassurprising ability to retain its nutritional value for a longer period of time. A research paper published recently found that the cut and chilled pineapple retains its nutritional value up to 9 days. So, you don’t need to expend time to prepare food time to time. Once you have made a great dish or fruit salad at leisure time, you can enjoy it for next one week without compromising the nutritions. It is worth mentioning that minimal processing retains the most of the nutrition of pineapple.
Despite enormous health benefit, the pineapple does have some health issues, especially for pregnant mothers. So it is important to ask your physician that whether you should continue eating pineapples if you are undergoing any medical emergency. Because pineapple has large impacts on doing well to body, it has also larger impact one erroneous doing.

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