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Health benefits of green tea in weight loss,heart attack and depression
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Health benefits of green tea

Health benefits of green tea

Health benefits of green tea ,is  it really helpful?Green tea is a special type of tea prepared from the plant Camellia sinensis. All types of teas bring more or less health benefits to consumers. Green tea provides the maximum health benefits in this regard. Originated in China, green tea is found almost everywhere around the world and widely spreading in the western region of the world nowadays, where Black Tea was more popular earlier. Because of its excessive health benefits, green tea is used in many kinds of food supplements such as beverages, dietary, medicine and also cosmetics.

health benefits of green tea

health benefits of green tea

The commercial production of green tea extract undergoes certain procedures such as maintaining low oxidation in the whole production time. This procedure is vital because minimal oxidation process is required to retain the beneficial green tea properties. Because of green tea’s special potential benefits to health, several researches have been being conducted and it is found that regular intake of green tea substantially strengthens  the immune system and lower the chance of several fatal diseases such as cancers and heart diseases. Green tea is reportedly effective to induce thermogenesis and boost metabolic rate up to 4%.


The foundational ingredients that render the superior services to the health is the flavonoids, a group of phytochemicals. The average amount of flavonoids in the green tea is much higher than any other known traditional foods such as vegetables, fruits or wine. Despite flavonoids are found in most of the foods, the contents in the flavonoids are the key that determines how much beneficial a food would be for the health. Doubtlessly, green tea contains the maximum amount of flavonoids.


Researchers already have declared green tea as the most superior food. Many health conscious and researchers believe that starting the  morning with a cup of green tea is a good way to start your day as potential health benefits associated with green tea are enormous. The antioxidants that it contains fights cell damages. As the oxidation process is run at a minimal level, the Catechins remain at the maximum amount.


Amazing benefits of Green tea

What does green tea do? Better ask, what it does not! Green tea has both direct and indirect impacts on human health management from maintaining blood pressure to preventing diabetes. Here are some amazing benefits of green tea.


Heart& Cholesterol

Cholesterol is the main enemy of the heart, so is the heart blockage. Green tea provides excellent prevention against increment of cholesterol and thus provides cardiovascular safety. A recent research survey conducted on 821 people showed that those who consumed green tea on a  daily basis had lower cholesterol level and controlled blood pressure, thanks to the green tea! The survey run on short-term research and several other longer-period researches are required to obtain the most accurate information. Nevertheless, longer-period research would definitely provide more positive result in this regard.


Another research run earlier in 2011 showed that regular intake of green tea and coffee prevents thrombosis, an abnormal blood clot procedure. Thus, Green tea or coffee may reduce stroke risk. The green tea and aspirin has equal effect in this regard. So, green tea could be a nicer substitute of aspirin.  Nonetheless, the exact amount that is required to attain this level of prevention against stroke is not known yet.


Weight Loss

All the health benefits that are provided by green tea, weight loss is the most prominent. In fact, Green tea and weight loss are directly linked. Green tea contains antioxidant ,which enables the liver to function much more efficiently and thus increases the metabolic rate. This eventually burns out the extra fat and slim down the body. A very recent survey in the USA conducted among overweight men proved it true. Researchers didn’t change their daily menu but made them take daily 3 cups of green tea. The result was very encouraging, a minimum 200 calories were burnt out. Asides this, the consumers felt that their energy level also reached a newer peak.  The study also confirmed that extracts from the healthiest leaves which underwent lower oxidation process contains maximum density of Catechins and it is the factor that plays roles  in fat burning. For example, regular intake of 2 cups of green tea instead of taking one can of soda saves 50,000 calories in one year.



Green tea is also effective in fighting allergies. Researches in Japan found that some compounds in green tea prevent a cell receptor which is responsible for creating allergic response. Referred the methylated Epigallocatechingallate, the compound stops production of immunoglobulin E and histamine. These agents are blamed for initiating and supporting the allergic reaction.



Although several studies have been conducted, but the link between green tea and Alzheimer is still not sufficiently strong to prove that green tea has effect in fighting Alzheimer. Scientists conducted a research on animal cells in 2010 to sort out how the nerve cell reacts to green tea rich with antioxidants. They found that green tea rich with antioxidants prevented the death of nerve cells that are associated with Alzheimer. Scientists also found that same agent works against the dementia too. However, the study has not still been conducted on human cells and hence a positive conclusion can’t be drawn certainly.



Green tea contains an ingredient named Theanine which is an amino acid. This natural amino acid is supposed to have link to providing relaxation and tranquilization to the depressed people. American Journal of Clinical Nutrition published a study that major depression symptoms are forty four percent less to, who drinks more than 4 cups of green  tea than who drinks less than four cups of green tea. Though it is variable to lifestyle and diet practices.



Catechins in green tea fight against the storage of high-fat after consuming foods and thus lower the cholesterol level as well as maintain optimum blood pressure. These eventually help to maintain the regular level of blood sugar and prevent diabetes.


Green tea standalone doesn’t provide enough safety from cancers, but works efficiently as effective supplements to fight it. Many researchers believe that, green tea may help fight prostate cancer.Green tea aids healthy cells and also rejuvenate the slightly weak cells. Even, some ingredients in green tea are  thought to destroy the cancer cells. For instance, green tea kills esophageal cancer cells without posing harm to healthy tissues.

Virus & Bacteria

Green tea strengthens the  immune system to provide safety from viral and bacterial agents. Green tea boosts up the immune system against flu and influenza. A Harvard University research group found that green tea stimulates T-cells that fight against virus and bacteria.

Bad breath

Green tea is an excellent anti-bacterial agent which kills oral bacteria responsible for bad breath and cavities. The polyphenols in green tea destroy many germs, compounds in mouth and act acts again tooth decay and oral cavity germs and many other oral diseases.


Food poisoning

As green tea is an antibacterial agent, it also fights the bacteria that are responsible for food poisoning. For instance, green tea stops the growth of E. coli and clostridia that resides inside the intestine. Green tea also increases the growth rate of Bifidobacteria which is health-friendly.



Green tea is your bodyguard. It lowers the level of iron in the body which is triggered by  a high density of iron in liver. Thus it has antiviral effect for fighting hepatitis.

Skin Treatment

Some people usually apply green tea bags to the skins instead of drinking the tea. They believe that it directly soothes sunburn as well as prevent cancer on the skin due to exposure to the sun. These bags also reduce under-eye puffiness, headaches and compression of tired eyes. The antioxidants contained in green tea are effective to stop wrinkles and signs of aging in the skin. Research found that tropical green tea can prevent your skin from sun damage. Green tea cream with Zinc Oxide may be a better sunscreen because It is found that Zinc oxide is chemically nearly inert and it does not harm your skin that other sunscreens do


Recommended Amount of Intake

Although the Benefits of drinking green tea are enormous, the optimum amount that really works is not known yet. As you know that excess of anything is bad, same rule applies here too. Moreover, there are certain health conditions when an excessive or even a  small amount of intake of green tea might cause serious health hazard.

There is still debate on how much green tea you can or you should consume per day. Some experts say that a person can consume up to 10 cups per day ,whereas others say that 2 or 3 cups are sufficient. Definitely, from this discussion, it is comprehended that the amount to be consumed depends on the health condition of the consumer. However, daily intake of one cup is no way sufficient to feel the effect.


A person with a  normal health condition is advised to take 2/3 cups of green tea per day to get his body system healthier. On the contrary, a physically vulnerable person might need to consume up to 10 cups to promote his health’s recovery.


Caution about green tea


Green tea contains several organic chemical agents including caffeine. Some of these ingredients might worsen some of the health hazards or wouldn’t suit to certain health conditions. For instance, if you are sensitive to caffeine in green tea, then you shouldn’t take tea more than one cup. Tannins in green tea cause the decrease of the absorption of folic acid and iron. Therefore, if you are trying to conceive or already a pregnant mom, you should carefully choose the amount of green tea. Many physicians forbid pregnant mothers to take green tea. However, some doctors advise to mix green tea with some other healthy foods like ginger. If you are prescribed any stimulant by your doctor then try to reduce the amount of green tea because caffeine and that stimulant simultaneously act on you and cause a high depression and many other effects such as fast heartbeats, high blood pressure, nervousness etc. To avoid any unwanted health circumstance, consult with your doctor.




To attain the maximum health benefits from green tea, avoid adding it to boiled water. Excessive boiled water kills the catechins which are very beneficial to health. To boost up the effectiveness of green tea, try mixing vitamin c sources such as lemon. It makes the green tea easier to absorb and function properly.


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