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Causes ,symptoms and remedy of depression,What to do in depression
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Depression causes, symptoms and  remedies

Depression causes, symptoms and remedies

Symptoms of depression and its remedy




What is depression, if you ask yourself, Am I depressed?if the following are similar to you then you may be in a depression.

When you lose your concentration and if a time comes in you that shows no interest in things you naturally used to enjoy, the symptom develops with you due to the reason, can be called depression.

People express sadness in the mood when he/she suffers struggle, setback or disappointment. These are the normal reactions in life.

Some depressed people may not feel sad at all. So, depression may not be explained just only with sadness. It is much more than that. We can describe the term depression as living in the dark. When you feel having impending doom you can realize that you feel empty, lifeless and so on like that. You may feel aggressive, angry and restless at that time.

Sadness is the normal ups and downs of life. But if the sadness or emptiness do not go away from your feelings, it may cause depression. Depression makes your life horrible and keeps away to enjoy your life.  Depression interrupts the ability to do your work normally. You don’t find any interest in your studies; you can’t eat, sleep or have fun. You become helpless, hopeless and worthless.

Depression keeps you far away from your normal life.


Symptoms of depression

The symptoms of depression may be hard to notice at the earliest stage. The two common symptoms of depression are:

You will feel sad or hopeless and

You will lose your interest in getting pleasure from most of your daily activities.


Besides, some of the most familiar symptoms of depression are:

Depression makes you feel fatigued

When you are depressed, you face some physical and emotional changes. Men are more likely to report fatigue than in women.

You will find that your tasks are becoming difficult which were easy to you earlier or you can’t make yourself concentrate on your regular tasks.

Depression makes you feel helpless

It happens on a regular basis that you fail to control yourself from your negative thoughts even if you try.



Depression makes you sleep too much or too little

It has been found that you can’t sleep properly. Insomnia is a sleeping problem. You can wake up very early in the morning or you are sleeping too much.

Depression makes you feel irritated, restless and unable to sit still

It has been found that you become irritated or you are short tempered and became aggressive more than as usual. You become restless and do not feel easy and can’t sit in place for a long time.

Depression causes stomach ache or backache in you

People facing depression may suffer from health problems like chronic stomach pain and digestive disorder. This may cause constipation or diarrhea with headache and back pains.

Depression makes you consume more alcohol than ever before

Depression involves you in taking alcohol more than ever before. You cannot avoid alcohol once you are addicted.

Depression makes you become engaged in other reckless behavior.

Depression makes you become angry. There remains no shyness in you or you become too much shy. All of a sudden you become angry and do not have control on you.

Depression leads you to commit suicide

Depression makes you think absurd, you may think that your life is not worth enough to survive and this may lead you to commit suicide.

It has been found that depression is one of the main risk factors that lets a person commit suicide. The deep misery and helplessness in people feel like suicide is the only way to relieve the pain in you.

A thought of suicide is one of the severe symptoms of depression.


Depression varies from person to person. Depression often looks different in men and women and in young and older people. The more you have, these symptoms become stronger day by day when they are lasted longer in your life. The more likely it is seen that you are suffering and dealing with depression.


Remedy from depression

Understanding the internal cause of your depression can help you prevail over the problem.  If you are new to a place where you feel lonely and sad, finding new friends can be a remedy of your loneliness, sadness and over all the depression.

Or if you are depressed because of a boring job, finding a new and more satisfying job can help you get the remedy of your depression.




Let your family and friends help you

The simple way of talking to someone face to face about how you feel can be a massive help. You should have known that separation increase depression. If you feel like being alone or don’t like to feel like a burden to others, simply let your family and friends know what you are facing and how they can help you.

The best way is to get the remedy for depression is to seek professional help, achieve a social support, emotional skill building or changing your lifestyle.

Seeking professional help and social support

You need to find out the reason, why you feel so depressed. Just find out the signs of depression in you or in your beloved one and take some time to discover the treatment options you can provide.

If support from family and friend does not work, if you fail changing your positive lifestyle and if you can’t build skills in emotion you can seek help from others like a mental health professional.

Lots of effective treatments are there for depression, including medication, therapy and alternative treatments. You can know the options to decide what measures are to be taken and which treatment will act fine with you.

Emotional skill building

You need to manage stress in you and balance emotions. If you fail to do so, you can’t go fine. Building your emotion, skill will give you the ability to cope and bounce back your trauma, adversity and loss. You should gradually recognize and check the emotions and make yourself more resilient.

Changing your lifestyle

Changing your lifestyle can be extremely effective for you to treat your depression. Even if you need other treatments as well, lifestyle changes can help you lift your depression and keep it from coming back.

You can exercise regularly which may be a powerful way to fight your depression. It boosts serotonin, endorphins and other good feeling brain chemicals. It triggers the growth of your brain cells and connections. It helps you sleep well.

You need to eat well. Take small quantity of balanced meals throughout the day that will help you to keep your energy up and minimize your mood swings. You can take carbohydrates, which will get you go without crashing sugar. Vitamin B or Folic acid deficiency causes depression, for which you need to take a Vitamin B complex supplement where folic acid is available. Most common vitamin deficiencies occur due to poor diet and also because of chronic conditions and various medications like aspirin and birth control pills. You can eat more citrus fruit, beans, leafy greens, chicken and eggs. Salmon, walnuts, flax seeds and soya beans can give you a boosted mood. Folic acid in supplement form can improve the effectiveness of anti-depression. Most depressed people do not have enough magnesium in their diets. Magnesium is required for serotonin production. Good sources of magnesium are nuts, whole grains and green vegetables.

So the main thing is, you need to eat healthy meals regularly.

Reduce sweets as your intake

Sweets make you feel better as blood sugar level soars. But it may worsen your mood later on when they crash down.

You need to sleep well. You must get enough sleep. If you do not, you will suffer worse depression in you. Proper sleep reduces your anger, moodiness and irritability. You can aim to sleep minimum 7 hours a night.

You should reduce your stress. A change in your lifestyle helps you to manage and reduce stress. Too much stress can put you at risk for future depression.  You should set realistic goals to manage the tasks that do not burden yourself.

Depression is a bad tempered disorder that affects the way you feel your life generally. Self-hate or inappropriate guilty feelings can be the cause of depression. It is linked to insomnia as one might lead to the other or vice versa. The lack of quality and restful sleep can also lead to anxiety which may affect you mentally and physically. Weight and appetite at the same time can fluctuate with depression.

People with depression can be helped with proper treatment. The first step is to consult with the doctor, because depression is a serious illness that should not be self-treated. Most people do not seek treatment. But, if you are taking medication of undergoing other treatment for depression, do not stop your medicine without any consultation with your doctor. It may cause anemia.


Finally, this is to mention here again that it can be difficult to handle depression on your own. Take help of your family and friends as the first step of your treatment. Then consult with your family doctor. Next, go to a mental health professional that is a therapist or go to a spiritual religious advisor.


If treated, depression can be prevented. Under any circumstances, be careful; do not leave a desperate, suicidal depressed person alone.


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